What does a collagen supplement do?

Have you heard about collagen and wondered what a collagen supplement does? Are you curious about how collagen could work for you? Let me tell you all about it!

The world’s highest quality Collagen is now available in Europe!

Introducing Collagen+ and Collagen+ Beauty from Synergy Worldwide

a man smiling and a box of collagen supplements
a woman and a box of collagen supplements

Synergy Worldwide collagen supplements – the highest quality ingredients, manufactured in the highest quality facilities

Synergy Worldwide is committed to scientific excellence and this is highlighted by the work done at their Hughes Centre for Research & Innovation, located inside their HQ. How many companies can boast their own R&D labs?

Synergy don’t use other people’s products; they formulate, test and control all aspects of the manufacturing process. They are absolutely obsessive when it comes to quality.

Synergy’s testing labs can find one drop of impurity in 21 Olympic-Size swimming pools. That’s one part per trillion!

What does a collagen supplement do?

Click on the video to find out more about collagen supplements and how they work!

a box of collagen supplement

Collagen+ for total body benefits

Powerful support for your bones & cartilage, muscles, hair, skin and nails.

The enhanced formula of Collagen+ contains Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid & Zinc.

a box of collagen supplement

Collagen+ Beauty for Beauty Boosting Benefits

A fruity flavoured drink supporting your hair, skin & nails.

Collagen+ Beauty contains an enhanced formula for beauty benefits with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc, Resveratrol, Lycopene & Pomegranate.

Which collagen supplement is right for me?

It can be difficult to choose – body benefits… beauty… or both?

If you’re concerned about the inside of your body, if you have aches & pains, gut problems or want to take care of your bones, joints & muscles then Collagen+ is for you.

It may be that you’re concerned about problematic skin, are seeing the signs of ageing, or you want to have great quality skin, hair & nails, then Collagen + Beauty is for you.

There’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it! If both are of concern, then at a maintenance level one sachet of each is recommended daily.

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