Your health

To be at our best, I believe we need to have everything aligned – our energy, our mindset, our goals and activities… and our health.

In fact, sometimes our health is the first thing we have to address before we can start to think about taking other actions to improve our life.

Which supplements should I take for optimum health? It’s a topic that can be quite confusing.

Health supplements are just that – supplements. They’re something we can add to our diet along with a healthy lifestyle, to help us optimise our health.

Control the Controllables

There are lots of uncontrollable factors in life that can impact our health. There are some things we simply cannot prevent.

However, so much of our health is within our own control and that’s what I love to share with people. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle; no single piece is the whole picture, we need all the separate parts together.

Your Health Questionnaire

Would like to know where your health is at right now? Get in touch and I’ll take you through a free lifestyle assessment questionnaire where you’ll receive a detailed analysis of the various health systems in your body.

What Can You Do For Your Health?

We can take charge of the following factors in relation to our health:

  • The quality of our diet
  • Nutritional supplements for preventative healthcare
  • How much exercise we do
  • How we manage stress
  • The amount of time we spend outdoors
  • Our general outlook on life and mindset
  • Our energy balance and flow
  • Who we spend time with
  • What we focus our energy on

I help people think about these factors and see where they can focus to help support their wellbeing.

In partnership with Synergy Worldwide, I consult and advise on health supplements that can also help support and improve your health and wellbeing.

Which supplements should I take for optimum health?

The answer to that depends on you. We are all unique.

The best place to start is to get in touch so you can tell me about your health and lifestyle and we can go through your lifestyle analysis questionnaire.

Having said that, there are two key areas I get asked about a lot!

Collagen. It’s one of the most frequent health supplements I’m asked about. Check out my page here for some information about collagen supplements.

Gut health. Gut health is another key topic when it comes to our health, as it impacts so much of our physical and mental wellbeing. I run regular gut health detox groups. This is a 3 week programme where I guide you through a clean eating regime, and you take scientifically proven gut health nourishing supplements to heal and feed the gut. Check out some of the reviews and information on my Facebook page or get in touch anytime to find out more about how your gut health could be impacting you.

Get In Touch

Contact me for a free consultation if you’d like to talk about your health, energy levels and wellbeing. I can offer a lifestyle analysis, where you’ll see the condition of the various health systems in your body and where you could potentially use some support. There’s no obligation, it’s simply a chat and a chance to see how your health and lifestyle look.

Synergy Worldwide is an exceptional company with a mission to transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions. Their products are organic and plant-based (other than collagen), and they control their entire manufacturing process, ensuring safe and sustainable practices. Have a look at my Facebook page, Synergy Health with Heather, to see some information about these incredible products and what they could do for you.