Choices, choices, choices

We’re all grown-ups.  We’re free to choose where we allocate our time, money and attention.  None of this is right or wrong, and none of these choices make us a bad person.

But it’s food for thought isn’t it? How often do we consciously make choices about where we allocate our resources?  And do those choices align with what we actually want from our lives; are they helping us get to where we’d like to be?

being aware of the choices we make every day

Consciously thinking about our choices can let us see where we’re making excuses for ourselves that don’t actually make sense.  What we think are rational choices and reasons are actually irrational.  Often they’re just based on habit and a way for our brains to avoid any discomfort by “sticking to what we know”.

We can spin our wheels, wasting our time and money quite easily without noticing.  But if we pause sometimes to think about what we’re doing… we can choose to move the needle. We can choose to do something that will take us one step closer to where we want to be.  We can choose to make progress rather than standing still.

So go on – I dare you to make one different choice today.