Find Your Motivation!

Brace yourselves, this is a RANT!!

If there’s one thing that really annoys me, it’s how normalised and acceptable it is to say “nah, I can’t be bothered”.

I noticed recently that online, people were using the text chat “cba” a lot. What is this term, I thought?


When I saw someone write “oh it’s in the house but I cba going upstairs to get it”, the penny finally dropped.

It’s can’t be arsed!!

So that means we can’t be arsed to even write the words out – we just type cba!!

(I was enlightening the family about it afterwards and the kids were laughing. Of course they knew that term already, apparently everyone uses it and I’m last to discover it! 🙄)

Anyway, we agreed that as a family our motto should be “ba”.

Be Arsed.

So we’ve been following this for a while now and it’s amazing to see how many times it pops up. There’s something we kind of want to do, but we’re swithering. We look at each other and say BA!! And we do it.

We applied it last week and did an escape room (something we would have just side-stepped in the past). We had an absolute blast, went out our comfort zones, and totally surprised ourselves with how much fun it was.

Then we avoided a lazy Sunday afternoon to go out and meet up with an incredible colleague who is taking on a 5000 mile charity run. We could have stayed at home and not bothered, but when someone is going to that amount of effort, you just have to “ba” and get involved.

The problem with saying you cba doing stuff, is that eventually, you might never get the chance to actually do it.

So what could you “ba” doing today?