How to go from chaos to clarity

This scene may look distressing to some… but this is how I keep my sanity!

Building a business is fun, and also very challenging. I am currently “running several horses”, wanting to do it all and wanting everything done yesterday 🏃‍♀️

I know things will get easier – I’m learning every step of the way and I’m sure I’ll narrow down my focus over time. But for right now, there’s no way to avoid the fact that I’m juggling many things at once.

And I’m actually fine with it.

What I’ve learned is that all I need is CLARITY.

Going from a pile of confusion to a place of clarity and logic is what I enjoy. My past corporate life involved interviewing people to find out all about their tasks and processes, taking all that data and distilling it into a simple flowchart to show the end-to-end process.

That kind of thing = satisfaction for my brain 🤗

So every month I sit down with a pile of papers. There are lots of digital ways of doing this and it’s personal preference, but for me I can’t resist the joy of the physical pieces of paper.

I look at my 12 month goals and make sure they’re still what I want to be aiming for. I look at my monthly milestones and tweak them based on what’s happened in the previous month. I detail out the coming month, then I break it down into individual weeks.

And from there I set out a list of action items for the next day.

Then all I need to do the next day is complete my actions.

And then repeat. Plan, document, execute.

The monthly planning is a big task and I have to be in the right energetic state to do this, so I choose my planning day carefully. Getting to know when you’re at your most productive is a very powerful tool to have.

I also strategically use natural energy boosts when I need them, which isn’t very often – but every now and then I can feel a bit burnt out. Having the plan in place is great, and some days we just need a little rocket fuel to get the energy up to take the action! 😉

(I also love the fact that I do this activity in my reiki room! It should be ironic, but it’s not – a productive frenzy of goal setting and action planning, all set in my quiet calming space with the soothing scent of essential oils in the background 🙃)

This is how we help ourselves to function best. We get the clutter out of our heads and onto a clear action plan.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or not sure what your next steps need to be? This is where I can help. I love helping people put things into a logical order, get clarity on their next steps and then see the joy and excitement they get when they can finally see a clear way forward.

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