Why we need to Just show up

I’ve learned the lesson that some days when I’m doubting myself, I need to Just Show Up. So on a day where I felt like saying no and hiding in the house, I decided to say “yes”.

It’s a chilly January morning, still in that in-betweeny slump after the festive celebrations but before going back to work.

The house is cosy and we haven’t left it very often over the past few days. The TV is on, the cupboards are still brandishing indulgent food and drink.

There are fleecy blankets on the sofa calling my name.

I have a mild headache and a desire to stay at home. I’m pretending that it’s good for me to rest and recharge.

I’m kidding myself. What I’m really feeling is LETHARGY.

Then I see a Facebook post…

As I scroll through Facebook for the millionth time, I see a post on one of my local wild swimming groups. My friend has shared a video from one of my favourite dipping spots. I pause my scroll to watch the video.

She’s been checking out the thickness of the ice on the water, to see if it’ll be safe for a dip that night when the full moon is out. “Ha, that’s crazy!”, I think, “dipping in the dark in the middle of Winter is NOT for me.”

But then that little inner voice inside me (that I love-hate) starts whispering…

“There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do this”

“It’s just laziness”

“Your friends are going to be there, it would be so lovely to see them”

“Look what she wrote on her post: The water is so beautiful when it’s a full moon. That sounds amazing”

“A full moon, in the dark, dipping in the beautiful water”

“This is exactly what you need…”

It came down to a conscious decision to Show Up

I spent the day telling myself “I’m doing it”, then “No I’m just going to leave it”, then “Oh I really should do it!”

My headache got worse throughout the day and threatened to become a migraine.

I was feeling tired, brain foggy and lacking in motivation.

I knew what I needed to do.

I had to just make the decision to go. Fifteen minutes before the time I needed to leave, I decided to go. I had to Show Up. Eek!!

The reward for Showing Up

As soon as I got my stuff together and got into the car to go, I felt excited. This was going to be amazing! I couldn’t wait.

My friends were there and seeing them instantly lifted my mood even more. We were in this together! We were going to do something a bit scary, but we were doing it as a team.

cold water dip at night

The moonlit dip itself was just dreamy. It was a clear sky, and the full moon was directly over the water. We broke the ice to create a little hole for us to submerge ourselves in. I’ve cold dipped so many times, I’ve been there before and I know I can do it. What I’d doubted was my ability to get into the water in the dark… but there was no need. In fact, the dark made it even more peaceful and soothing. What a joy!

I came away from that dip feeling uplifted, energised, happy and ready to start looking ahead to the year that’s coming. It really caused a shift in my mindset and lifted a fog that had been in my head for a good week or so.

I’ve learned this lesson before, and I think it’s one that I’ll keep re-learning:

It’s always best to Just. Show. Up.

I’m so glad I showed up for that dip. I would have missed out on something very special if I’d stayed home under the fleecy blanket.

Your turn to Show Up?

Could you do with more get up and go? My resilience and ability to Show Up improved immeasurably when I started setting myself monthly challenges. So much so that I started up a Facebook group to help other people do the same. Making small changes to our daily routines can lead to massive improvements in our lives. Why not join my Facebook group here and get yourself started on a new challenge!

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