Present Moment Gratitude

This guy has never been a lap cat. Always independent, and happy to receive our affections on his own terms.⁣

⁣The only time he ever came and sat on me was 15 years ago, when I was pregnant and started having Braxton Hicks contractions. I swear he sensed my pain. He jumped up on me and lay across my belly, like a big hot water bottle. It was so soothing and comforting, and he stayed there until the contractions stopped, and then casually climbed down and never did it again!⁣

But things have changed lately. He’s old. He doesn’t eat much and doesn’t stray very far. We lift him up onto our laps for a cuddle, and he stays there. He’s come to a time when he wants to be close.⁣

This has led to all of the family members being variously “trapped” at different times of the day – with a cat firmly on the lap that we don’t want to disturb! It’s an unspoken thing between us, but quietly we’re all willing to forego a bit of time in our days so that we can be with him.⁣

I’ve had some massive lessons in life, and there is one in particular I’m doing my best to put into practice these days.⁣

It’s to enjoy the present moment, be thankful for everything we have in this moment, and not worry about what’s coming.⁣

When we’re suffering in a situation, we often make it worse by projecting it into the future and imagining what things will be like. We magnify our suffering. It doesn’t help the situation and all it does is make us feel worse.⁣

None of us have any idea what the future may bring. All we really have is this present moment.⁣

So for now, I’ll enjoy the cuddles with my elderly cat. And I’ll be thankful he’s part of our lives.⁣

Pause for a moment – what are you grateful for right now?