The Power of a Morning Routine

Research shows that the most successful people have morning routines.

When it feels like lots of things in the world are out of our control, having a morning routine is a great way to take charge of the day, even just for 10 minutes.  It boosts our self-belief by reminding us that it’s within our control to create the day (and ultimately the life) that we want.

Even just doing one simple thing each morning – ideally before we look at our phones! – can bring great benefits.  For example:

  • A glass of lemon water 30 mins before eating – this is said to support the digestive system in the morning, while providing a blast of vitamin C
  • A short walk – exposing our eyes to natural daylight soon after we wake up helps to reset our internal clock after a night’s sleep, and by regularly doing this it’s said we can improve our moods and sleep
  • Affirmations or meditation – a chance to create some space in our minds for restful, creative thought, before we allow the day to start bombarding us with outside information
  • Gratitude thoughts – regularly taking time to acknowledge what we’re grateful for is shown to improve our mood and our relationships
  • Yoga or stretching – a gentle way to wake up the body and get the energy flowing
  • A cold shower – aside from the reported health benefits of cold water exposure, one thing’s for sure: enduring a blast of cold water is a great way to create a strong mindset for the day ahead!

A morning routine is just a small part of our day, but that small part can compound over time and bring about a change in mindset that leads us to be more productive and more likely to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.  And the beauty is there are no set rules around a morning routine, so you can make it up!  Try things out – if it works for you, keep it.  And if it doesn’t… let it go.

References: The Circadian Code by Dr Satchin Panda; The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg; The Wim Hof Method; The Longevity Book by Sandra Bark and Cameron Diaz